We are a fully Integrated construction company providing a wide range of specialized services.

  • Borehole Drilling
    We have acquired state of the art Borehole Drilling equipment and we are capable of drilling boreholes of any diameter depending on the clients needs. We have mastered the art of drilling and employed qualified and experienced personnel.


  • Sheet Piling
    Sheet piling is an earth retention and excavation support technique that retains soil, using steel sheet sections with interlocking edges. Sheet piles are installed in sequence to design depth along the planned excavation perimeter. The interlocked sheet piles form a wall for  earth support with reduced groundwater inflow. We have used this technique in our projects with loose earth.




  • Ballast Crushing
    We also carry out mining of sand and ballast for building and construction needs. Ballast is mined from our rich bedrock seated on vast acres of stone land. We have built a strong professional relationship with a broad range of clients in the building and construction industry.


  • Concrete Batching Plant
    This is a device that combines various ingredients to form concrete. Some of these ingredients include sand, water, ballast, and cement. The Batching plant produces large volumes of concrete quickly, easily and to the right ratios.


  • Ready Mix Cement
    We also provide ready mix concrete according to a set recipe, and then delivered to site by truck mounted mixers This results in a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites